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Words of Women from the Egyptian Revolution

27/04/2012 admin 0
The first chapters of Words of Women from the Egyptian Revolution are online. The independent troupe of Leil-Zahra MORTADA had been updating this series of videos whose trailers we already linked in a previous post. [caption id="attachment_3505" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Rasha Azab"][/caption] Chapter 1: Rasha Azab. 29 years old, journalist. She had been involved in social movements since 2000. In the west, she explains, they promote an image of egyptian activists as sweet and non violent: this is a strategy to calm down the protests. "No revolution happens for Twitter or Facebook. Revolutions occur when people take the streets, resist, die, sacrify important things".
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Anthropology of the Street, University of Barcelona

11/04/2012 admin 0
UB, Raval Campus (carrer Montalegre 6, Bcn), Aula 309, 3rd floor. Organization: Institut Català d'Antropologia April, 12th, 6,30pm-8pm: Alternative parties and the dilemas of tradition (Adrià Pujol, Andres Antebi, Observatori de la vida quotidiana) :: Encounters and inflections between agency and rhetorics in catalan health system (Ariadna Solé, Marta Alonso, Alberto López Bargados, Grup de Recerca Islam de la Diàspora) :: Ethnographic research in Vallcarca neighborhood (Marco Luca Stanchieri, Etnografía dels Espais Públics) 13 abril 2012, 18,30-20h: Urban renewal and social change in la Mina neighborhood (Emanuela Bove, Martha Pelayo, Periferies Urbanes-ICA, download PDF of the research) :: The Rabassada Casino, utopia of the bourgeois leisure time (Sergi Yanes, Turiscòpia-ICA) :: Shanty towns in Barcelona (Mercè Tatjer, Xavi Camino, Oscar Casasayas, Grup d'estudis sobre Barraquisme)
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Madonna dell’Arco

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On Eastern Monday, in Sant'Anastasia, Napoli, one of the most interesting processions in Italy takes place, the fujenti gathering in the sanctuary of Madonna dell'Arco. Here's a Here's a short video shot in 2008. And an audio collage of our recordings inside the sanctuary, also in 2008. [audio:] More info: a photoreportage by Mario Spada :: a website about the event, (S.Orsola University, Napols).