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International conference on anthropology of urban conflict: call for papers

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From november 7th to 10th, 2012, in the faculty of geography and history of University of Barcelona, the first International Conference on Anthropology of Urban Conflict will be held, with the title: Desertions, countermovements and forced mobilities in the contemporary city. They had been organized by a series of research groups and individual scholars, and they aim to a critical exposition and reflection on urban phenomena associated to struggles and antagonist movements who take place in the city. In particular, they will focus on the agitations specifical to this moment of crisis, and on the modalities through which they are challenging the public order, the norms that mantain it and the authorities that defend it. A number of international lecturers have already confirmed their assistance: Monica Degen from London, Lia Yoka from Thessaloniki, José Fernandes from Porto, Stavros Stavrides from Athens, or Santiago Cirugeda from Sevilla. Some videos on the struggles in the city are also programmed, as well as a route of the rebel Barcelona. More info and details of the Call for papers on the conference webpage: For contact write to:
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Barcelona, irregular borders

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[caption id="attachment_3499" align="alignleft" width="670" caption="Del portfolio "Barcelona bordes irregulares" de Rosario Kuri (2012)."][/caption] An unordered series of texts, images, webpages, books, reportages, about the differents Barcelonas that we can find between the sea and the mountain, between the Besós and the Llobregat river. Barcelona bordes irregulares [see photos][read text] is a photoreportage by Rosario Kuri (2012) that draws a casual drift for the peripheries, breaking the image of Barcelona's postcards and expressing the diversity of landscapes and people that form the city. La Rabassada o l'utopia de l'oci burgués [webpage] is a book published by Turiscòpia (2012) about the bourgeois casino on the Tibidabo mountain, at the beginning of the XX century. Projecte Icària [webpage][album] is a blog about Poblenou and its industrial heritage, with lots of photos by Marta Domínguez Sensada of the parts of the neighborhood demolished in the 90s . Los intelectuales contra el Raval [post] is a brilliant text by Rodulfo Rufián Roto on the symbolic violence of the mainstream media, in the occasion of the inauguration of Raval's film library. Los jóvenes del barrio, a 1982 video about Canyelles neighborhood (Roquetas), in Youtube. And an article of New Left Review online, "The Spanish model" by Isidro López & Emmanuel Rodríguez [english][spanish], and an essential contribution on the building of the negative myth on the barrio Chino: Chris Ealham (2005) "An imagined geography. Ideology, urban space and protest in the creation of Barcelona's 'Chinatown'", IRSH vol.50, ideal continuation of the famous "Geography of Evil" by Gary MCDONOGH (1987).