Stop the genocide!

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The members of the working group Perifèries Urbanes of the Catalan Institute of Anthropology (ICA) express their deepest solidarity with the Palestinian people, suffering 75 years of illegal colonialism by the state of Israel, and request all Catalan and European academic institution to suspend their collaboration with Israeli universities, until the end of the indiscriminate bombing over Gaza, of the invasion of Palestinian land, of the islamophobic and colonial persecution, of the apartheid regime within the state of Israel, and of the zionist project of ethnic supremacy fed by the extreme right, by the weapon industry, and by global financial capitalism, in violation of human rights, of democratic legitimacy, and of tens of UN resolutions.

Request from the Anthropology department of the University of Barcelona, to suspend academic relations with Israeli institutions:

Declaration of the European Association of Social Anthropology (EASA):

Declaration of the Middle East Section of the (North)American Anthropology Association (AAA):

Declaration of the North American Anthropology Association (AAA):

Criminalization of the housing movement in Brazil

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Last June 24th four activists for housing were arrested in São Paulo, Brasil, while seventeen others linked to the movement for squatting were put under arrest; fifteen more are threatened of detention. The arbitrariousness of the operation is another signal of the steady drift towards fascism of the state of Brazil, that is, the complete subjugation of public institutions to the interest of big landowners and investors.

The activists were members of housing movements that squatted and returned to the common huge buildings in central São Paulo; they were accused of  criminal association and extortion, something that was also employed in other countries to criminalize squatting, but not yet in Brazil. For their defense, a new organization was created: the “Popular committee in defense of political prisoners and  popular movements“, whose members are activists, worker union members, artists, journalists, lawyers and other people concerned by the criminalization of social struggles.

Given the  previous cases of extreme repression perpetrated by Brazilian authorities against social movements, that include extrajudiciary killings such as Marielle Franco‘s death in March 2018, it is extremely important that all people concerned to the right to housing and to the city in all the world mobilize to denounce these arrests, to claim liberty for the prisoners, and the end of arbitrary persecutions against activists.