IV course on Ethnographic methods in planning research

This IV edition of the course Ethnographic Methods in Planning Research is part of the emerging debate on the contributions of ethnographic studies to architectural research. The so-called “ethnographic turn in Architecture” has opened several analytical fronts from and for the project field, which aim to approach the social and the complexity of living.

The course sessions offer a methodology that links ethnography and project analysis, as the point of intersection between Architecture and Anthropology. The ethnography of the architectural task or of the urban project, gives an account of the design trajectory; from the network of actors, consensuses, unforeseen events and circumstances that conditioned decision-making on spatial reform

It is a reflective perspective regarding the role of the architect in urban management, which reveals the dynamics of the real estate market and political interests that condition planning A research model is offered to analyze the project work immersed in the complex process of urban space production, that is, to detail the materialization of the built environment without neglecting the social impacts of urban reforms.

Hence, the course also approaches the study of the spatial practices and appropriations of those who inhabit the city, and will pay attention to the forms of sociability located in the public space, landing this analytical proposal to the case of the Vila Olímpica de Barcelona

The course sessions will be: February 17, 19, 22, 24, 26, 2021

Time: 6pm to 8pm (Session 1) / 6pm to 7:30pm (session 2, 3, 4 and 5)

Contact: info@antiarq.org / etnoproyecto@gmail.com

Language All sessions will be in Spanish

Fees: 65 euros (55 euros for students, unemployed, retired and members of ICA, after providing the necessary documents to info@antiarq.org).

Logistics: The course is online and in real time, that is, the sessions will be held by live videoconference. However, they will be temporarily recorded and archived, so that they can be reviewed later than the scheduled time.

Organized by: Antiarq and Observatorio de Antropología del Conflicto Urbano (OACU)

In collaboration with: Grup de Recerca en Exclusió i Control Socials (GRECS) de la Universitat de Barcelona, Grupo de Investigación en Antropología de la Arquitectura del GRECS (GRADA) y del Instituto Catalán de Antropología (ICA).

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Programme: https://www.antiarq.org/course/metodo-etnografico-para-la-investigacion-proyectual-iv-edicion/