Juan Granero

Born in Xàtiva (València) in 1993. He studied undergraduate studies at the Universitat Catòlica de València (UCV). Graduated in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the Universitat de Barcelona (UB), and Master in Anthropology and Ethnography at this same university.

Interested in urban issues and religious anthropology. He has carried out fieldwork in the city of Barcelona and in the Valencian Country. He defended his TFG under the title “Música sin permiso: Apropiación y significación del espacio urbano a propósito del músico itinerante en el metro de Barcelona”. He is currently working on his TFM, provisionally entitled: “Donde los santos fuman: Ritual y Subalternidad en un pueblo del interior valenciano”, in which he tries to reconstruct the history of the area through an emerging festive ritual. He is a member of various research groups other than Perifèries Urbanes. Among them: GREMHER of the Universitat de Barcelona and the Group de Treball on Anthropologia, Imatge i Cultura Visual (IVAC) of the Institut Català d’Antropologia.