December 2010: burning cars

2010/12/17: a car burned in the periphery of Santa Coloma de Gramanet (Bcn), in an area deeply immersed in urban change

Gentrification: cars burning (2010). “The BRENNENDE-AUTOS.DE webpage is dedicated to the memory of the cars burned in Berlin since 2007. […] During the last three years in Berlin more than 500 cars, mostly big engined, have been burned by night.  Brennende-autos map reveals that the area in which the fires have been more frequent overlaps with the area of former east Berlin semicircle. The neighborhoods of Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Neukolln, i.e., the ones who have suffered massive gentrification in the last few years: the center of radical and alternative culture of the city, that now is being bought bit after bit by international investors and local real-estate speculators.” READ THE ARTICLE by afasicipapuasia (in italian)

  • Jeff Juris (2005) “Violence Performed and Imagined” in Critique of Anthropology n. 25(4) [link to PDF]
  • Royal car attacked in LONDON (9/12/2010), after the approval of the raise of university fees
  • Police cars burning in ROME (14/12/2010) after the confiance vote to the prime minister
  • Cars burning in ATHENS (15/12/2010) after the approval of IMF’s “austerity measures”.