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The “Bachillera” and the struggle against gentrification in Seville

20/02/2011 admin 0
Just as in Barcelona, gentrification arrived to Seville in the eighties, when the city began to prepare for Expo '92. But the struggles and mobilization against real estate speculation didn't begin until the decade of 2000. The Bachillera, a neighborhood of self-constructed houses in Macarena district, historically was in the outskirts of the city, but with the Expo entered in a "new central area". Residents own the houses, but the lands belongs to the Sevillan Charity Association, who wanted to demolish the entire neighborhood. The initial demolition plan was blocked through the collaboration of neighbors and activists/technicians, that managed to get involved in a rehabilitation project for the neighborhood. Neighborhood assemblies were held, then participative workshops, door-to-door enquiries, a consensual diagnosis of the neighborhood, and even a 15 days occupation in the headquarters of the Sevillan Charity Association.

We are not alone in the world: teachings from Paris’ “93”

10/02/2011 admin 0
Centre Georges Dévereux, founded by Nathan in Paris VIII University (department 93, Seine-Saint Denis), psychotherapists, philosophers of science, curanderos, babalaos, maîtres-des-secrets of uncountable origins and "affiliations" work together, united in the fascinating quest for a new "influence technique" to treat mental disease in a decolonized and non-ethnocentric fashion, in a world in which we know well, by now, that "we are not alone".