New course in Architecture and Anthropology, organized by OACU

The Observatory of Anthropology of Urban Conflicts presents a new course on ethnography for research in planning (the first oner was from march 27 to april 7) for architects, planners, designers, anthropologists, sociologists and other social scientists, interested in an interdisciplinary approach to urban research.

The online course offers a methodology that links ethnogaphy and research in planning, as a point of intersection between Architecture and Anthropology. This tool allows to understand the details of how projects are materialized, by understanding the practices performed by users in the urban environment, from an ethnographic point of view.

Invited professor: Manuel Delgado · Anthropologist. Doctor en Antropología · Universidad de Barcelona.

Main professor: Gabriela Navas . Arquitect. Doctora en Antropología. Universidad de Barcelona

The course begins on  June 20, 2017.

Here’s the course’s webpage