Herstory of the revolution: words of rebel egyptian women

“Allowing my daughter to sleep in Tahrir, of course, was a revolutionary decision. This is the effect of the revolution on our way of thinking and dealing with things“. Hanan Sadek, 52, works in an oil company

I’ll never forget the way that soldier looked. He wouldn’t look at me, he was looking away. Deliberately trying to avoid eye-contact with me, and he was crying. Then all at a sudden they all started to shoot at the same time Sanaa Seif, 17, student

We were living with our eyes closed. We didn’t use to see what is in front of our eyes” Mona Hussein, 50, housewife

Every week, the independent equipe of Leil-Zahra MORTADA uploads a short video in “Words of Women from the Egyptian Revolution“: this revolution should not be explained as dominant history always does, as virile adventures of heroes and martyrs. Herstory is the version that even revolution enthusiasts try to keep silent: because the existence of rebel arab women is too big a contradiction for the standard version of history.

  • Wafa GUIGA,(2011) “Proceso revolucionario en el mundo árabe y emancipación de las mujeres” [LINK on Rebelion.org]
  • Lila ABU-LUGHOD (2002) “Do muslim women really need saving? Anthropological reflections of cultural relativism and its others” [PDF]