Words of Women from the Egyptian Revolution

The first chapters of Words of Women from the Egyptian Revolution are online. The independent troupe of Leil-Zahra MORTADA had been updating this series of videos whose trailers we already linked in a previous post.

Rasha Azab

Chapter 1: Rasha Azab. 29 years old, journalist. She had been involved in social movements since 2000. In the west, she explains, they promote an image of egyptian activists as sweet and non violent: this is a strategy to calm down the protests. “No revolution happens for Twitter or Facebook. Revolutions occur when people take the streets, resist, die, sacrify important things”.

Sabah Ibrahim

Chapter 2: Sabah Ibrahim. 52 years old; she joined her first demonstrations when Sadat cut the aids for bread in 1977. In 2005 she was in a sit-in of Kefaya movement: since then, she had been waiting to sing “down with Mubarak” herself. “It looked like Tahrir was not in Egypt, but in paradise”.

Evelyn Ashamallah

Chapter 3: Evelyn Ashamallah. 64 years old: she left the direction of the museum of modern art after she saw how big was the corruption in the ministry of culture. Revolution for her was like rebirthing, like coming awake from death. In her interview she discusses ideologies, politics, sexual liberation, religion, and the distance between people and leaders.

Nada Zatouna

Chapter 4: Nada Zatouna. 23 years old videomaker, nubian. After being arrested, insulted, menaced by the police, she realized she hadn’t no more fear to repression; the policemen, instead, were terrified!

These are the links to YouTube; to open subtitles (spanish/english), click “CC” on the bottom bar. The next chapter (episode 5) had just been published.